Faculty Senate

Chair (2018-2019), Chair Elect (2017-2018), Secretary (2016-2017)

Executive Committee (2015-present), School of Geology and Geophysics senator (2015-2018)

Inclusive Teaching, Faculty Ally, and Diversity Workshops (2010-present)

Notable Accomplishments:

Led the OU Norman Campus faculty senate through a challenging presidential transition.

Advocated for transparent processes and robust shared governance.

Co-led Faculty Senate efforts to encourage structural changes needed to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus, resulting in a 4-page resolution outlining specific measures to support systemic cultural change. 

Established award nomination and recipient data reporting and analysis practices, including sex, race, rank, and area of scholarship. 

Developed an ad hoc committee with the administration to advise the President regarding significant budget and programmatic changes in Academic Affairs. 


Provost’s Advisory Committee for Women’s Issues (PACWI)

Executive Committee (2010-2012, 2016-2018)

Co-Chair (2011-2012)



OU Representative (2016-2018)


Frequent Reviewer for NASA, NSF, Science, Geology, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Chemical Geology, American Mineralogist and Icarus.