Current Students:

Cansu Demirel (PhD)- Microbial weathering of glacial drift sediments from the Antarctic Dry Valleys

Christopher Geyer (PhD) Kerogen-mineral-brine interactions

Daniel Mason (MS) Raman ice-sediment-brine analysis

Nina McCollom (MS)- The effects of hurricane-induced landslides on fluvial sediments in Puerto Rico

Andrew Rodriguez (MS) Raman and SEM analyses of basalt-bring interactions

Former Graduate Students

Seth Gainey (MS 2011) Kinetics of methane hydrate formation and dissociation under Mars relevant conditions.

Margaret Root (MS 2011) Effects of obliquity change on gas hydrate stability zones on Mars

Allison Stumpf (MS 2011) Chemical weathering in glacial meltwater streams, Wright and Taylor Valleys, Antarctica

Brittany Pritchett (MS 2012) Effects of activity of water on the dissolution of jarosite

Dan Ambuehl (MS 2013) Carbon Dioxide Clathrate Kinetics

Emily Dixon (MS 2014) Hydrologic effects jarosite dissolution

Debajyoti Basu Sarkar (MS 2014) Clathrates on Titan

Kristen Marra (PhD 2015) Weathering of Antarctic fluvial sediments

Kayla Miller (MS 2017)- Calcium Sulfate Mineralogy in Mars-Analog Systems

Former Postdocs

Dr. Young Ji Joo (2013-2016)  Chemical Weathering in Fluvial Systems and Effects of Climate Conditions

Charity Phillips-Lander (2014-2017) Mineral-Brine Interaction, Raman Analysis, Potential Biosignatures

Former Undergraduate Research Assistants

Shayda Zahrai (2008-2012),   John Leeman (2008-2012), John Guest (2007-2008), Brandon Guttery (2009), Tiffany Legg (2009-2011), Emma Baker (2011), Virginia Priegnitz (2011), Jamie Miller (2012-2014), Carey Legett (2013-2014), Rebecca Funderburg (2013-2016), Sarah VanDeventer (2014-2015), Lauren McGraw (2015-2016), Sheriee Parnell (2015- 2016), James Johnson (2015-2017), Jordan Sylvester (2016-2018 Chemical Engineering), Mason Cullen (2016-2018), Nina McCollom (2016-2019).