Physical Geology for Science and Engineering Majors, GEOL1114

Students learn to observe and interpret geologic materials and processes as geoscientists through active learning exercises

Principles of Geochemistry, GEOL 4223/5223

Students apply thermodynamics and kinetics to solve geological problems (taught in the spring semester of even-numbered years)

Geowriting, GEOL 3333

Geoscience students develop their technical writing and communication skills through a semester-long research project that culminates in a journal-style manuscript and conference-style poster and talk

Exploring Planetary Geology, GEOL 4970/6970

Students learn how planetary scientists study other bodies in our Solar System through planetary missions (taught in the spring semester of odd-numbered years)

Planetary Geology in the Field, GEOL 4970

Students visit planetary analog sites learn about planetary-scale geologic processes